Craft Distillery 1800 gpd Reverse Osmosis System with TDS Meter and UV.

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Our Craft Distillery 1800 is designed for Distilling. If you're limited on space, this is a perfect reverse osmosis system. Don't let it size fool you, the 1800 delivers high quality water capable of running a Distillery. The last stage Ultraviolet Sanitization. The CDW-1800 is turn key ready, system turns on automatically by pressure switch or tank float. Both are included and is pre-wired for each. The 1500 is pre-plumbed and wired for Anti-Scalant systems.
Options that come Standard with CDW-1800R

Can be ordered  Float or Pressure Switch Controlled

HM Digital PS-100 TDS Controller
Pre-wired and plumbed for anti scalant system
Stainless Steel Membrane Housings
Ultraviolet Sanitization
Wired for Pressure Switch operation  (Pressure Switch Included)
Wired For Float Switch operation  (Float Included)
Size: L19 x W23 x H46 (48 x 58 x 116)
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.