1 1/2 10cf GAC Carbon System

1 1/2 x 10 ft.³ GAC Carbon system is the prefect system if you looking to remove Chlorine, Pesticides or other chemicals that maybe in your water. Also if you need great flow rates at 35 to 40 GPM. With our new 581XT valve, bypass and 1.5 x 24" full port stainless steel flex lines are 581 XT control valves offer a rigid valve body made of Noryl material for superior quality and durability. Our 581 XT  are easy to maintain with multiple quick connect connectors, and simplify programming. 

10 ft.³ of granulated activated carbon
1 1/2" x 24" x FIP full port stainless steel flex lines
1 1/2 MIP fittings

Free Shipping (Restrictions do apply)

Inlet/Outlet 1 1/2"


120v/12v Transformer

Tank Size 14" x 65" Height with Valve 78"
Recommended flow rate 35 to 40 GPM

At 420 Water Products we use only the best carbon on the market in our systems. All the carbon is certified by and carries the NSF seal.

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