420WP 2000 Pro Reverse Osmosis System

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The 420WP 2000 is compact and expantable. It boasts our Intelligent Control Processor. Keypad menu functions offer TDS monitoring, hour meter and water temperature display, time delay start as well as a recycle flow meter and valve. A 110 or 220v stainless steel multistage pump powers the unit. We use stainless steel membrane housings and a 20" big blue pre-filter as well. System has built-in ultraviolet sanitation for bacteria free water. Best of all the Grower can choose TDS of there water. Comes with float or pressure switch and is pre plumbed and wired for one of our anti-scalant systems.

Can be ordered 110v or 220v and Float or Pressure Switch Controlled

Intelligent Control Processor:

LCD Displaying all System Operating Functions

  • Keypad
  • Menu System
  • TDS Monitor
  • Hour Meter
  • Water Temperature Display

Stainless Steel Multi-Stage Pump
Precision Stainless Steel Valves
TDS Blending Valve
Stainless Steel Front Panel
Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
1- 4 x 40 Thin-Film Composite Hi Flow Membrane
High Quality Stainless Steel Membrane Housings
Pressure Throttle Valve
Outlet for Anti-Scalant System
Ultra-Violet Sanitation
Product and Waste Flow Meters
Waste Recycle Valve 
Powder Coated Steel Frame 
20" Big Black Housing 
Dimensions 24" x 29" 53"

420 2000 Pro Specification Sheet Click Here


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